Several months ago I sought the services of Le Bakery Sensual to help add shame and humiliation to the departure of a valued coworker. While the cake was a huge success (no pun intended), like most of society, I rarely require such anatomically correct baking.  Sure they can spice up a medical school graduation, be the center of any bris or even provide a slightly traumatic and overtly visual way to have "the talk" with your children, but really how often do these moments come along?   However, as a women in her early thirties, baby showers are a commonplace event. 

My friend Jen and I were planning a baby shower for our other good friend Lisa when I thought of Le Bakery Sensual I remembered seeing the cutest teddy bear cake when I had gone in to pick up the... ummm... well... the happy ending cake.   I suggested to Jen that we try this particular bakery for the baby shower cake.  Jen, a woman not to be discouraged by propriety, promptly gave them a call  They had her email over a picture of the theme (jungle rubber duckies) and overnight they came up with a fabulous toy block cake adorned with with a fondant zebra duck and monkey duck.  It looked great, tasted great, and best of all it made for an excellent conversation piece. 

I think the moral of the story is that if you can mold a BLEEP you can probably mold just about anything else.  So no matter what you need to have made into cake form, if you give the good people at Le Bakery Sensual a call they can probably make it happen and generally make it happen on a reasonable budget.  And if price is an issue, remember they sometimes offer a 10% discount for flashing your naughty bits.  Fortunately, in my grown up years I can afford to pay full price...  

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8/18/2012 03:21:59 am

Found this link while searching Google, thanks

2/8/2013 05:28:59 pm

Le bakery sensual looks yum. It seems there are lot of flavors included in the cake.

2/17/2013 08:08:57 pm

I was looking forward to such cakes. I am glad that I ended up on this page.

2/21/2013 12:07:21 pm

Heh. I am going to try this Sensual cake. Seems tasty to me.

9/5/2013 01:20:25 pm

How do you signup for a blog from Weebly?

6/19/2015 08:44:58 am


John from le' Bakery here! I just saw this post (4 years later) and wanted to say thank you for your kind words! We're so glad we were able to help you and do this awesome cake for you! Hope to see you soon!

-John and le' Bake team!


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