After a long, hot hike we hit up L'Asie Fusion Bistro with some of our friends.   I had been there once before and it was the first time for B.   I would recommend this place more for spirits and appetizers than a full meal.   The staff is attentive and the overall experience is good, the entrees just seem like a let down after the yummy drinks and starters.  Plus my favorite thing about the place is 2 for 1 drinks all day long!  Who can refuse two Saketini's for $9? 

On this visit I chose a Gingerita, a refreshing spin on a traditional Margherita.  I love ginger and wanted even more ginger flavor, most patrons would probably appreciate the current balance.  B had the cucumber mint Saketini which may sound weird, but tasted light and crisp.  Quite a departure from the traditional dry martini's with mountains of olives that he usually drinks, yet still satisfying.

The Picky View

My favorite appetizer is the crispy coconut shrimp that comes with a sweet, plum-like dipping sauce.  I stole some of my favorite shrimp off a friends plate and started with the chicken satay for myself.  The chicken was tender and the accompanying peanut sauce was tasty.  Then I had epic picky dinner fail.  I ordered the grilled plum shrimp thinking it would be similar to the starter shrimp I so love.  I was sadly mistaken.  Lots of creepy weird onions and other unidentified vegetables covered my precious shrimpies in small, hard to pick off pieces.  The dipping sauce was equally infiltrated with pieces of random vegetables.  The biggest let down was the plum sauce itself.  I expected the sauce to be sweet and it was strongly spicey.  Also they removed the shrimp tails and I like the crunch.  This may be a good dish for someone, for my picky self this was one I won't be ordering again.  B had to spend most of the dinner fending my fork off his beef.

The Pit View

I had the appetizer sampler, because there were so many delightful choices that I couldn't decide.  I got the crab cheese wontons, chicken satay and the pot stickers (gyoza if you want to be correct).  All were fantastic, I was particularly delighted with the tender, flaky crust on the wontons.  Those were probably the best wontons I ever had and I have eaten a lot of wontons in my day.  The gyoza was surprisingly light for a fried food.  And you can see the Picky comments on the satay.

For my main course I ordered the teriyaki beef bowl which left me wanting.  It was bland and unexciting, hence why my wife kept trying to steal my food. It could have benefited from some cayenne or chili powder or some kind of spicy kick.  The beef and vegetables were of good quality and well cooked, just needed some more spice.  And for those of you who think my wife and I should have just swapped dinners, I wasn't loving that either despite the good spice kick.  Still L'Asie Fusion Bistro does mix a mean drink.

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Shanna Sanders
6/13/2011 02:56:15 am

Oh I love this place but your right it's best for drinks and apps only!
Enjoying your blog! Makes me miss Colorado even more!

9/21/2011 06:42:10 pm

Plus my favorite thing about the place is 2 for 1 drinks all day long! Who can refuse two Saketini's for $9?

10/14/2013 12:13:50 pm

Anyone know where I can find more information?


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