When Larkburger opened up on the corner of Logan and Alameda our friend who will remain anonymous (rhymes with Moe) nearly peed his pants with excitement.  He raved about the delicious, eco-friendly, gourmet burger place he had discovered in Vail. We thought it sounded a little pretentious. (Seriously, it's from Vai! What isn't pretentious from Vail?)  Then we ate the food and became believers.  

The Picky View

I got the standard larkburger with cheese.  You have to ask for the cheese (Tillamook Cheddar) or they won't put it on there.  Also it comes with a weird sauce that you have to ask them to leave off, if you are a finicky epicurean like myself.  You get a real  burger though, like one you would cook on your own backyard grill.  It was tasty and the bun was nice, nothing fancy the way I like it.  If you are one of those strange people who don't eat carbs they will even wrap your burger in lettuce instead.  I split some parmesan and truffle oil fries with the Pit that were a huge upgrade from your standard 5 minute burger joint.  I could have done with a little crispier fry, but the flavor combination was outstanding.  And I have to give them mad props on their eco-friendliness.  All the food wrappings, soda straws, drinks containers and what not are made from either compostable or recyclable materials.  All in all it wasn't pretentious, just delicious, cheap (about $20 for the both of us) and laid back.  If you are ever in that area of town, skip the fast food row over on Broadway and treat your taste buds to a larkburger instead.

The Pit View

Normally when a place gets this hyped it has a hard time living up to expectations.  Larkburger however, stood up to that challenge.  I dig that they are no frills and the standard burger speaks for itself. And it sure helps to have an ice cold beer with your burger.  Made to order and cooked to your preference (And really meat this good shouldn't been done any further than medium) the burger's are flavorful and juicy down to the last bite.  I was sad when I got to the last bite, so I went and got another...  and a $5 milkshake.  And yes John it really was worth $5.  Make sure you have adequate milkshake security, the Picky absconded mine when I went to the restroom.  I suppose one thing I would like, though it would defy the no frills atmosphere, is a wider selection of toppings.  I could go for an avocado, fried egg or bacon.  But honestly what isn't better with bacon.  I know where I am headed the next time I have a burger craving.  Which will probably be about 5 minutes from now.

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