Though he's normally associated with disgusting and not delicious, I would like to thank Mike Rowe over at Dirty Job's for introducing us to this great food website.  A lot of conscientious foodies want to get superb culinary delights while still minimizing the ecological footprint those tasty morsels cause; hence the local food movement.  Only it can be trying to fill your regular shopping list when local farmers often grow a few ingredients or raise certain livestock or maybe you don't even know where to start to find local produce and meats.  That is where Farmplate.com comes in to play.  It is a search engine for finding restaurants, stores and farmers that will provide you tasty local grown food.  I thought I knew most of the restaurants and markets that grow locally, but I was amazed at how many more businesses Farmplate located.  It is still in the Beta version and I do have some gripes.  A lot of the business contact information is incomplete, an address and no phone or vice versa.  Ideally, it would hyperlink to all businesses websites and have complete contact info, but I think they want users to fill in all the info.  Still a few extra clicks is worth consolidated listings to find local, sustainable food.