Our compatriots in the suburbs already know about the Aurora Movie Tavern, but some of our hipsters in the city are missing out on one of the few perks of living a midst the urban sprawl.  When we first started going to the Movie Tavern the menu was not so hot and unfortunately their milkshakes were.  They revamped their menu about a year or two ago and increased both the quality and diversity of the food available.  Last night we had dinner there again with one shirtless, glowing Ryan Reynolds.

The Picky View

Okay so I always order the same thing, I can't help it it's delicious.  I always get the cranberry pecan chicken pita sandwich and substitute the sweet potato fries for the regular ones.  The pita's come stuffed with spring lettuce, cranberries, a soft cheese, chicken chunks, crumbled pecan pieces all topped with a sweet, fruity dressing.   I really enjoy the dish and my only gripe is that occasionally I have gotten cold fries on the side.  Last night I was too tired for dessert, but I normally get the the chocolate chip cookies.  It comes with three cookies each with a marshmallow melted atop/inside.  This is decadent gooey heaven!  It is probably good that the melted cookies are so hard to eat or I would get a stomach ache from downing it too fast.  If you can accept the fact that movie theater dining will never be four stars you can have a perfectly decent meal (or dessert!) next time you partake of Hollywood's newest flick.     

The Pit View

Honestly, you would have figured movie theaters would have started serving real food earlier!  While not exactly  five star dining, it is a significant upgrade from the stale popcorn covered in butter-like substance.  (At least it's yellow)  This was a rare occasion as I had the same exact meal as the Picky and found it delicious.  I tend to mix it up and since the Picky already reviewed the pita sandwich let me tell you about the Cuban sandwich.  It's a classic Cuban with ham, cheese and pickle on a panini.  The bread is crispy, the inside gooey and the tartness of the pickle ties everything together.  If you are feeling in a burger mood the sliders are always a good standby.  Tiny little burgers that remind me of Harold and Kumar and their seemingly endless quest.  And wash it all down with your very own 1 Liter Movie Tavern Beer Stein and you get to take home the glass.   Bring it back for cheaper refills and they will pull a freshly frozen one out of the freezer for you. The beer selection is limited, however they do have Fat Tire.  When I choose a movie now I like to check the times and Movie Tavern first.  The comfy chairs and full dinner makes it worth the extra drive.

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